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The more people write to their MP's about climate change, the more they will be willing to stand up and take action.
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It's easier than ever to contact your MP, use the steps below to find out how:
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    Find your local MP and how to contact them.

    You can do this by entering your postcode on the official parliament website or via sites like They work for you which will also show you how your MP voted on issues like climate change.

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    Get in touch with your MP either by phone, email, or if you're old school send them a letter.

    There's a template below you can use to get yourself started, copy it, rework it, add your own comments and ideas — the important thing is that you highlight you care about climate change and think the government should be doing more to help.

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    Share this page with friends, family, and others. Encourage everyone you know to get involved. The more people write to their MP's the more they'll take notice and act.

Why is this important?

Your MP is one of just 650 MP's representing the whole of the UK.

That's an incredibly small number when you think about it. So why aren't MP's doing more about climate change?

Well, part of the reason is they don't know how to help, and perhaps more crucially: they don't think it's high on their constituent's list of worries.

Your MP's job is to represent you, but they can only do that if they know what you care about.

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Sample letter to send to your MP

Subject: Climate action

Dear [MP Name here]

You may have heard in the news about the recent IPCC report on climate change that mentioned we have just 12 years to limit the damage of climate change. It's a shocking statistic but I believe we can get ourselves out of this mess.

As an MP, you're one of the 650 people that have the power to guide the country in the right direction and bring about the large scale change needed to fight this problem. That's why I've written this letter, first to show it's an issue I care about personally, and secondly to suggest the following ways in which you and your fellow MP's could help:

1. The government should be treating climate change as an emergency

The climate has already changed, we're now in the position to try and limit the effects of the damage we've caused or face catastrophe. This is an emergency, and it needs to be dealt with as such across all policy decisions.

2. The government should lead by example and ditch fossil fuels

The government has the power to make alternatives to fossil fuels more appealing, more cost effective, and more widespread. Give people and businesses that opportunity: increase the subsidies for electric cars, solar panels, personal energy generation, give businesses more incentive to do more to help tackle climate change.

We need an emergency mass scale investment in renewable energy — just think of all the rooftops across the UK that could be fitted with solar panels: houses, flats, gigantic warehouses with empty roofs that could be harvesting energy.

Across the UK there needs to be a drastic increase the number of cycle lanes, bus services, and train services to get people to ditch their cars — perhaps look at introducing car-free days in major cities (which would drastically help with the poor air quality we see too).

It's true all of this takes money to accomplish, but the fact of the matter is: either we spend the money now, or spend a whole lot more money further down the line when the problems of climate change become more severe.

3. Awareness

Large scale change starts with the individual, and there are so many things each and every one of us can be doing to help reduce our own impact on the planet.

People are constantly being told about the problem, but not so much about how they can help. The government could take steps to help here, perhaps by creating a nationwide campaign to help educate the general public, something everyone can rally around, something that's focused on the things we can all do in our daily lives to help combat the issue of climate change.

There's so much scope here, from simple educational posters/films/adverts — to large scale car-free city days across the nation. People want to help in any way they can, if only they know how to do so.

4. This is a cross-party issue

Climate change is an issue for all humanity, it's something every single one of us will face, and something we can all help shape the future of, which makes it a cross-party issue. We need action, and the government should be leading the charge.

As my MP I ask you to speak up, hold the government to account, raise this issue higher and put it at the forefront of each and every MP's mind — it's only by working together that we're going to have any hope of mitigating the damage we've already done.

Together we can solve this problem, but we need to act now.

Thank you for reading,