Think twice

All our actions have consequences, by remembering to think twice about the planet we can reduce our impact

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Breaking out of bad habits is tricky, the following steps may help you break out of your old ways:
  • Step 1

    Start small and think twice about one thing in your daily life and how it's potentially affecting the world around you. This could be something like how often you use the car for example, or how much rubbish you're throwing away.

    Identifying the problem is the first step, from there you can work to reduce the impact you're having on the world.

  • Step 2

    Once you know where you can improve: set yourself some targets and start small. If you noticed you use the car a lot for example, try cycling or taking public transport instead. Gradually build on these small changes and challenge yourself to do more.

    You can also set yourself visual reminders to keep you on track - a sticker on your car keys that says "Do you really need to drive?" may remind you why you're trying to improve.

  • Step 3

    The trouble with bad habits is they're incredibly easy to fall back into.

    To combat this, set yourself a reminder to keep at it. Better yet, get your friends and family involved and challenge them to join you - by doing things together you're more likely to stick to the changes you make.

    Let us know the changes you've made in your daily life via Twitter.

Why is this important?

The food we eat, how we get around, the clothes we wear— pretty much every decision we make has some impact on the environment we live in, and a lot of these decisions are simply done out of habit.

By getting into a new habit of thinking twice before making a decision, taking a pause and asking "how will this affect the world", we can begin to realise our impact on the planet and start changing our ways.