Use (& reuse) a reusable cup

A 2011 report found that the UK uses around 2.5 Billion single-use coffee cups per year, it's estimated that figure may now be as high as 5 Billion.

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Brewing instructions:

  • Step 1

    Most coffee shops in the UK now have reusable coffee cups for sale by the counter, the first step is to get yourself a reusable cup.

    Other, more stylish options, are available like Keep Cups!

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  • Step 2

    Remember to take your cup with you!

    It's no good having a reusable cup if it's sat at home when you get to the coffee shop! Get into the habit of taking it with you when you head out.

  • Step 3

    Spread the word:

    The more people opt for reusable options, the better. Luckily reusable cups make great presents! Know a coffee lover who always has a single-use cup? Get them a reusable one.

Why is this important?

Single-use cups, like all single-use packaging, affect the environment in many ways:

  • It takes constant energy and resources to produce
  • Plastic used in production can't always be recycled
  • Only a small percentage of waste is actually recycled, the rest ends up in landfill or worse
  • Even if a cup is recyclable, it still takes an incredible amount of energy and resources to do so

Recycling is not the answer here, we need to switch to a reusable mindset and ditch the single-use altogether.

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