Ditch the tea bags

With a name like Brewtopia, we had to mention the environmental impact of tea at some point!

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What you can do right now:

  • Good

    Ensure the tea bags you buy are fully compostable (a lot of popular brand tea bags contain a tiny amount of plastic to seal them)

    Don't throw tea bags in the bin, if you have a compost heap put them there instead or in your local council's food waste bin.

  • Best

    Cut the single-use tea bag out altogether and switch to loose leaf tea!

    With a single-cup infuser like these, you won't even need a teapot either (although if you're making tea for more than one person a teapot is the best option!)

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Why is this important?

The UK drinks an estimated 165 million cups of tea per day! With teabags only being used once, that's an incredible amount of waste being produced every single day.

It's not just the waste that's an issue, to produce any packaging takes energy and resources and tea bags are no different.

With such a vast quantity of tea bags being used and discarded daily, it's not going to be enough to just switch to fully compostable bags — we need to ditch the tea bag altogether.