Use Peat-free compost

Peat bogs are incredibly useful: they lock away carbon, help to prevent flooding, and provide a home for numerous species of wildlife. They need to be protected.

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What you can do right now:

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    Only buy Peat-free compost

    When buying compost, the container will usually explain how much Peat is used in the mix. Always opt for 100% Peat-free - if the amount of peat isn't mentioned on the packet, chances are it's not peat-free.

    If your local store doesn't stock peat-free alternatives, ask them to consider it.

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    Donate to protect peat bogs

    Protecting peat-bogs is a great way to ensure these habitats aren't destroyed and the carbon they store can stay in the ground.

    The Cumbria Wildlife Trust appeal, and the #SaveAskhamBog are two campaigns that seek to protect peat bogs in the UK.

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    Contact your MP

    Peat bogs need to be protected both nationally, and internationally. Send a message to your local MP asking them to raise the matter in parliament, and support measures to ban peat products being used.

Why is this important?

Peat bogs are an incredibly useful natural carbon sink. This means they lock away carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

Peat bogs are also the natural habitat for numerous plant and animal species, extracting peat means the destruction of this vital habitat which has knock on effects for humans too - healthy peat bogs act as giant sponges, soaking up vast amounts of rainwater which helps to prevent flooding.

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