Don't take the plane

It's easier and cheaper than ever to fly across the world, but this is coming at an incredible cost to the planet.

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What you can do right now:

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    Reduce the number of plane trips you take in a year

    Over estimate the carbon footprint of your flights and offset it. Some operators allow you to do this while buying your ticket, alternatively you can offset them through a third party like World Land Trust..

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    Limit yourself to a set number of plane trips per year.

    Try taking the train to a far off destination instead - there's much larger scope for these to be powered by renewable energy although a lot more could be done!

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    Stay local, and stay on the ground.

    If you're a fan of city breaks, why not try a new UK city instead? There's more on offer locally than you may think.

Why is this important?

It's easier and cheaper than ever before to fly across the globe, but this comes at an incredible cost to the planet.

This article from Wikipedia highlights the issue:

"The IPCC has estimated that aviation is responsible for around 3.5% of all anthropogenic climate changeā€¦ aviation's contribution could grow to 5% of the total contribution by 2050 if action is not taken to tackle these emissions, though the highest scenario is 15%""

Wanderlust is a powerful motivator, but we need to take positive action otherwise the sights we love around the World will be lost forever.

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