Reduce your car usage

In 2017 an estimated 124.4 Million tons of CO2 was emitted by the UK transport sector - with our cars being the most significant source of emissions.
It's time to choose a new way of getting around.

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What you can do right now:

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    Start by having a car-free day every week to reduce the miles you drive.

    Offset the CO2 your car is pumping into the atmosphere. Some insurers actually offer this as an optional extra so it’s worth checking when you renew.

    World Land Trust offers the ability to offset your carbon emissions with this handy personal carbon usage calculator.

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    Don't commute by car or use it for small journeys, instead choose either public transport or cycle to work (With the cycle to work scheme, you can even get money off a new bike).

    Increase the number of car-free days you have in a week and only use the car when you absolutely need to. It can help to set a minimum distance from your house e.g: 1 mile and only use your car for journeys beyond this.

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    Set yourself a fuel limit per month and gradually reduce this over time.

    Ask yourself if you really need a car, or if you can do without it altogether.

    If you absolutely can't do without a car then look at going electric when it's time to get a new car.

Why is this important?

Provisional figures compiled by the UK government estimate that in 2017 the transport sector in the UK emitted a staggering 124.4 Million Tons of CO2 — with road transport being the most significant source of emissions in this sector, in particular passenger cars.

Dramatically reducing our reliance on cars will have a whole host of positive effects too: air quality will be improved in our towns and cities, congestion and gridlock will be alleviated, and for those who switch to walking or cycling - you'll be healthier too!

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